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Dropbox is a great online backup service that I have been using. It is especially useful if you have multiple computers with files you would like to access over the Internet. I have a laptop and a desktop computer at home. Keeping files backed up and synchronized on both of these computers is a snap.  All I had to do was install the software on both computers and move all the files that I wanted backed up and synchronized to the “My Dropbox” folder.  If I create, change, or delete any files on one computer, Dropbox automatically updates the other computer as well (the next time it is turned on and has Internet access). I can also access my files from any computer that is on the Internet. You can store up to 2GB of files for free. If you sign up by following this link, you can get an extra 250 MB of bonus space. A short video will explain what Dropbox can do for you.


DreamHost provides the web hosting service for this website (actually, you can run multiple websites on the same hosting account). I have been extremely pleased with them. I have tried a few other hosts before, and DreamHost is the best that I have tried. Their service is very easy to use and is pretty inexpensive. The best part about DreamHost for me is the “One-Click Installs.” This allows you to install and upgrade software that is run on your website with one click. For example, I use WordPress as my blogging software, and DreamHost installed it with one click and now updates it with one click. Actually, the updates don’t even require one click anymore. I have it set up to upgrade automatically. This makes my life so much easier. With previous hosts, I had to install it manually, and I didn’t know what I was doing. It caused me tremendous aggravation. Thanks to DreamHost, this problem has been solved. If you would like to try out DreamHost, enter the promo code DREAMINTOACTION for a one-time $25 discount on monthly, 1-year, and 2-year hosting plans.

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