The 90-Day Challenge: Weekly Status Update

by Mark on April 12, 2010 · 2 comments

Today is Day 12 of the 90-Day Challenge.  I have set 4 goals that I want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Let’s see how I’m doing:

  1. Publish 2 e-books. In The Art of Habit Change, I made a commitment to work on my first e-book from 6:15 AM to 6:45 AM every single day in the month of April.  I have continued to keep that commitment. However, I did cheat a little bit. After doing my writing on Saturday morning at the appointed time, I went back to sleep until about noon. This is because I went out with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time on Friday night and didn’t go to sleep until about 3AM. I did keep my writing commitment, which is the most important part, but my goal is also to condition a more consistent sleep pattern, and sleeping until noon won’t help that. On Sunday, I didn’t go back to sleep after doing my writing, and it felt funny how long the day was. I did my laundry in the morning, which I never do. The one thing that I still need to do is work on my e-book goal in bigger blocks of time (aside from my morning commitment). I have made more progress in the last 11 days just working in the mornings for a half hour a day than I did in the previous 3 months, but I still need to step it up a notch.
  2. Have a 34-inch waist. I have been eating okay, but not great, and I still haven’t done any exercise. My back is still hurting, although it felt a little better today. I probably should start walking or doing some other light exercise to get going on this goal. I should also begin to do some light stretching.
  3. Eliminate 100% of the clutter in my home. Here I have made some good progress. My bedroom and kitchen were already decluttered as of last week, so I just maintained it. This week I took all the recycling that I gathered together last week to the recycling center in my condo complex. I can’t believe that I waited so many months to do it. It was so easy. I also had some recycling in the garage that probably has been there more than a year (I forgot about it). I took  that to the recycling center as well. I decluttered that whole section of the garage. I also threw out some old clothes that were in poor condition, and I set some other clothes aside to donate. The biggest progress, however, was in my living room. The whole area has been decluttered for the first time in years. It looks so much better. I’m getting excited about the progress. This is really only Phase 1 of my minimalist vision that I discussed in My Vision Statement. Phase 1 is to eliminate the clutter, and I have given myself until the end of the quarter to complete it. Phase 2 is to eliminate, eliminate, eliminate my excess stuff. While Phase 1 also entails eliminating stuff, it mostly entails eliminating the obvious junk and putting stuff away. Phase 2 is where I really begin to eliminate stuff.
  4. Go on at least 1 date. I intend to try my luck with some of the dating websites out there. I wrote up what I want to say on a dating profile. Now I just need some good recent pictures. I recently cut my hair very short, so I don’t want to put up misleading pictures. Then I will post my profile and begin contacting women. There are definitely some women out there that I’m interested in. My match is out there somewhere. Resistance is futile! :-) 

I’m still happy with my progress. It would be easy to criticize myself and say that I could have done a lot more, but I’m not going to do that. Even small changes sustained over time lead to big changes. That is exactly how the Grand Canyon was formed. Small changes year after year. The fact is that I am making progress that I wasn’t making before, and it feels great.


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